Top Selling Best Heart Rate Monitor Reviews of the World

A heart rate monitor is the device which is used by an individual to monitor or check his or her heart rate. These devices allows an individual to check the current heart rate at a particular time and also majority of such devices have the capability of storing the heart rate possessed by a person over a certain period of time. Such a record is extremely helpful in making future decisions related to one’s fitness and health condition. Heart rate monitors are mostly employed by exercisers and heart patients to monitor their heart rate during exercise or workout. Following are the  best heart rate monitor reviews highlighting the main features employed by top selling devices of the world.

Best Heart Rate MoniterProduct DimensionsProduct WeightDetailed ReviewsCustomer ReviewsCheck Amazon
MIO Alpha I

MIO Alpha I

8.9 x 1.8 x 0.2 inches3.2 ouncesRead more410 customer reviewsSee At Amazon
Polar Loop Activity

Polar Loop Activity

-----1 poundsRead more120 customer reviews See At Amazon
Polar V800 GPS

Polar V800 GPS

5 x 4 x 3 inches 1 poundsRead more78 customer reviews See At Amazon
Garmin Forerunner

Garmin Forerunner

0.6 x 2.1 x 2.4 inches1.2 poundsRead more385 customer reviewsSee At Amazon
Polar RCX3 Heart Rate

Polar RCX3 Heart Rate

4 x 3 x 5 inches 7.2 ouncesRead more59 customer reviews See At Amazon

MIO Alpha I Heart Rate Monitor

MIO Alpha I Strapless Continuous big 1

MIO Alpha is terrific heart rate sensor which monitors your heart rate continuously and you can get aware of your current heart rate just by having a look at the device. This is a watch like device and you can wear it over your wrist in the way exactly similar to wearing a typical wrist watch. It has optical sensors at its back which possesses the capability of sensing your heart rate on contentious basis. You can watch your heart rate by looking on the device directly or you can link it up with iPhone, Android phone or various Bluetooth applications. Here are its main features.

User Friendly Operation

This device is extremely simple and easy to use and there is no need to carry instructions manual with you in order to make use of it. Its operation is very much user friendly and all you need to do is to set the time, upper and lower heart rate limits and you are ready to go. Nothing else is needed to employ this heart rate monitor. However, you are required to set both the upper and lower heart rate limits on your own because such information doesn’t possessed by this product.

Exercise Mode

When you want to start exercise, just wear this heart rate monitor and press the “HR” button till it says “FIND”. Now, after a very short time, this device will start showing your current heart rate. If you press “HR” again, Mio Alpha will start recording the exercise. During the exercise, if your heart rate drops below the lower limit, you’ll hear a beep, a blue light will start flashing and a down arrow will appear. If your current heart rate increases than the upper limit, again you’ll heard a beep, this time red light will start flashing and you’ll see an up arrow. If your heart rate is within limits, you’ll keep seeing a green light flashing. After finishing the workout, just press the “HR” button again until it says “END”.

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Polar Loop Activity Monitor

Polar Loop Activity Monitor with H7 big 2

This is the best heart rate monitor that not only displays your current heart rate but also it has the capability of counting your steps and it can show you the number of calories you have burned during a particular workout. Following are the main features employed by this heart rate monitor.

Five Levels of Intensity

This heart rate monitor allows you to keep track of your heart rate and the amount of calories burned by employing five different intensity levels including high, medium, low, sitting and resting. Also, this device provides you the reminders in case you are sitting for much longer time period.

Enhanced Visibility of Stats

This heart rate monitor employs very high quality LED which enables you to view your stats much conveniently even if you are in dark room or bright sunlight. All the information is highly readable under all circumstances and touch swipe button is also provided in order to make you capable of scrolling through various stats with high degree of ease.

Activity Guide

This product incorporates a highly efficient activity guide which helps you in achieving your daily milestones. It constantly shows you how far are you from achieving your milestone and it also provides you practically beneficial advice which enables you in achieving your daily milestone much easily.

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Polar V800 Heart Rate Monitor

Polar V800 GPS Sports Watch big 3

This product is highly appreciated in heart rate monitor reviews by several users. It is highly well suited for the people who are indulged in running, biking and swimming because it provides complete range of functionalities required by the players of these three sports. It provides Bluetooth and cell phone connectivity and also employs a monitor that keeps track of your activity during the time you are not practicing or doing the workout. Following are its main features.

Excellent Design

This product has tremendous impressive design and it is made using extremely good looking materials. It looks really excellent and the buttons, display and the user interface provides really nice and cool feeling. It incorporates hard buttons instead of touch screen facility. These hard buttons are preferred by several users especially in case of rain or if they prefer to wear gloves during workout. Although the device is a little bit heavy but this increased weight doesn’t creates any inconvenience and conveys the message of being a high quality product.

Good Battery Life

This is the best heart rate monitor in terms of battery life. Along with GPS tracking, its battery provides the backup of up to thirteen hours which is considered to be more than enough by majority of the players. However, for the athletes who believe in much harder practice, a power saver mode is provided which enables the battery to provide the backup for fifty hours. It is important to note here that in power saver mode, the GPS location is recorded once every minute.

More Quantity of Information

This heart rate monitor provides more information as compared to other products. At the end of every workout, you get much beneficial and accurate information.

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Garmin Forerunner 910XT Heart Rate Monitor

Garmin Forerunner 910XT GPS big  4

This is an awesome product which provides tons of useful information. You can use it to track the distance you have covered, time you spent doing the current workout session, speed at which you are moving and your current heart rate. Also while swimming, it allows you to measure stroke count, stroke type, distance and the length of the pool. It also provides you information related to grade, ascent and descent. Following is an overview of its main features.

Enhanced Batter Timing

The battery of this device provides consistent backup of twenty hours which is obviously highly well suited for the payers of various sports.

Efficient Stats Management

This heart rate monitor has the capability to send all your workout related stats to Gramin Connect. As a result, all your information is securely stored by the manufacturer and it is available to you as and when required thus enabling you to stay updated regarding your exercise or workout related stats.

Useful Alerts

Being the best heart rate monitor, this product provides you regular alerts by vibrating so that you can become aware of your current requirement or situation such as if you are required to eat, hit a split or if any sort of feedback is required to be provided to you.

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Polar RCX3 Heart Rate Monitor

Polar RCX3 Heart Rate Monitor big 5

This is really a simple but awesome heart rate monitor which provides you all the desired information very efficiently. Here are its main features.

Highly Well Suited for Runners

This product is extremely useful especially for runners. It provides the entire information they need and users can check all this information after having a quick look at this device. It tells them the current speed at which they are running, their average running speed, their heart rate, the distance they have travelled, how much time they have spent during running session, number of calories they have burned and so on.

Available in Two Colors

This heart rate monitor is available in black and white colors. The black color is more suitable for men while the white color seems to have female oriented look and can be a preferred choice for ladies.

Workout Training

This device allows you to sync up your recorded workout to “Polar Personal Trainer” which enables you to create various workout routines, track you information and workout progress and so on. Also, it provides you various fitness challenges to better access your fitness level and capabilities.

Pausing the Workout

This heart rate monitor enables you to stopover your workout in the middle of workout for desired time and then you can restart the workout whenever you want and from wherever you want. The GPS will automatically pick up your new location and you’ll be able to restart the workout without any issue or problem.

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After reading the above  heart rate monitor reviews, you are now really equipped with the necessary information related to the top selling heart rate monitors of the world. This information is especially useful for all those who are looking to buy such a monitor for them. Although, buying a heart rate monitor is not a much complicated thing and all you need to do is to get the one that contains all the functions required by yourself. Also, make sure to get the high quality product which provides extremely accurate readings and information.